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RuralAcademy Experience

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A laboratory of rural knowledge

"To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil, is to forget ourselves"
(Mahatma Gandhi)


who we are?

A group of enthusiasts of education and ecological agriculture, which through the activities in the fields and gardens, aimed at adults and children, offers the experience of how it deals with the earth, with the trees, with the animals.


The principles to which we are inspired and which we try to convey are those of ecological agriculture, in its fundamental principles: biodiversity, the growth of soil fertility, the harmonious integration of man with nature.
We base our work on the enormous potential that expresses ecological agriculture, with the purpose of recovering a true and profound contact with our planet; this is an aspect that cares, supports, educates the deepest part of each of us.
We try to offer our small contribution to our land, to leave it better than we found it.





A community of people involved in training in agriculture and social farming: educational farms, teachers of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, social workers, associations, green designers and enthusiasts of all kinds. We meet mainly on this platform, on our Facebook page and group. The first value of the community is to grow together, exchanging experiences, projects, collaborations.



We work with a network of Farms that makes available their land, their experience, their facilities to raise awareness and experience the land by carrying out together the work related to agriculture and life in the countryside: the garden, the animals, the vineyard, the cellar, the olive trees, the forest and much more. Our experiences are educational, tourist and social farming, carried out in partner companies with selected operators trained by RuralAcademy, which are often the same farmers who lead the farms.

RuralAcademy Team

Pietro Isolan


Agronomist, educator, CEO and founder of Veraterra and RuralAcademy project

Christian Röser


Agronomist, mental trainer, CEO Starkmacher e.V

Elia Renzi


Landscape architect, professor of Tuscany society of horticulture, co-founder and teacher of RuralAcademy

Emilio Pratesi


agronomist, co-founder and teacher of RuralAcademy


Giovanni Bolla


Educator, psychologist, degree forestry, teacher RuralAcademy

Patricia Fassa


Multimedia manager

Juan C. Poveda Rz


Communication manager



Loppiano - Incisa in Val d'Arno.

Toscana - Italia

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