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The "cultivate your lifestyle" method accompanies you on the path of reconnection with the planet that hosts us, and it does so through ecological agriculture.
In the method we have training for small gardens (in rural and urban areas) and training for professionals.


Our "cultivate your lifestyle" method takes place in 4 steps.
1. Experience ecological agriculture in our farm network, through courses, rural tourism, educational experiences.
2. Long-term training with RuralAcademy, through our training proposals and contents, and in our facebook and whatsapp groups where you can meet other people who share your same values and who undertake the same path.
3. Design the place where you live to have a lifestyle connected to the planet. You can do it whether you live in the city or in the countryside, whether you have little or a lot of time, if you need us we will be by your side also in this.
4. Create networks around you, connect with those who share these values, learn to share dreams and projects, complete your knowledge with people close to you, become truly incisive in the change towards a planet in balance with humanity.

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